Sir Walter Scott 1771-1832

Sir Walter Scott was born in Edinburgh, the son of a lawyer. After studying Law at Edinburgh University he was called to the Bar in 1792 and practised as a lawyer throughout his life becoming Deputy Sheriff of Selkirkshire in 1799.

His literary career began as a translator of German ballads from which he progressed to writing Scottish border ballads and narrative poems. In 1814 he turned to the writing of prose fiction, mostly based on English and Scottish history.

Scott enjoyed phenomenal popularity during his lifetime but his latter years were overshadowed by poor health and financial disaster. Today the appeal of his poetry has to some extent been eclipsed by his fame as a novelist.

Works include

A Serenade
Proud Maisie
Brignall Banks
Lucy Ashton's Song
The Rover's Adieu
Patriotism: 1. Innominatus
Patriotism: 2. Nelson, Pitt, Fox

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