Alice Meynell 1847-1922

Alice Meynell

Alice Meynell was born in Barnes of wealthy parents and was educated privately by her father. She spent much of her early life in Italy and converted to Catholicism on reaching her majority.

She married Wilfrid Meynell in 1877, working with him on his periodical, Merry England, and assisting him with the rescue of Francis Thompson from poverty and opium addiction.

In addition to writing numerous poems and critical essays, Alice Meynell was one of the leading literary figures of her era, editing anthologies and opening her home for literary gatherings. She was twice nominated as Poet Laureate. Her poems, most of which are fairly short, display a purity and sensitivity reflecting her strong religious beliefs.

Works include

Sonnet—My heart shall be thy garden

Sonnet—Thoughts in Separation

To a Poet

Song of the Spring to the Summer

To the Beloved


To the Beloved Dead—A Lament


In Autumn

A Letter from a Girl to her Own Old Age


Builders of Ruins


Song of the Day to the Night

'Soeur Monique'

In Early Spring




Sonnet—In February

San Lorenzo Giustiniani's Mother

Sonnet—The Love of Narcissus

To a Lost Melody

Sonnet—The Poet to Nature

The Poet to His Childhood


An Unmarked Festival

Sonnet—The Neophyte

Sonnet—Spring on the Alban Hills

Song of the Night at Daybreak

Sonnet—To a Daisy

Sonnet—To One Poem in a Silent Time

Future Poetry

The Poet Sings to her Poet

A Poet's Sonnet

The Modern Poet

After a Parting


Veni Creator

The Lady of the Lambs

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