James Elroy Flecker

The Queen's song

Had I the power
    To Midas given of old
To touch a flower
    And leave the petals gold
I then might touch thy face,
    Delightful boy,
And leave a metal grace,
    A graven joy.

Thus would I slay, -
    Ah, desperate device!
The vital day
    That trembles in thine eyes,
And let the red lips close
    Which sang so well,
And drive away the rose
    To leave a shell.

Then I myself,
    Rising austere and dumb
On the hight shelf
    Of my half-lighted room,
Would place the shining bust
    And wait alone,
Until I was but dust,
    Buried unknown.

Thus in my love
    For nations yet unborn,
I would remove
    From our two lives the morn,
And muse on loveliness
    In mine armchair,
Content should Time confess
    How sweet you were.