Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The Song of Hiawatha

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Adjidau'mo, the red squirrel
Ahdeek', the reindeer
Ahmeek', the beaver
Annemee'kee, the thunder
Apuk'wa. a bulrush
Baim-wa'wa, the sound of the thunder
Bemah'gut, the grape-vine
Chemaun', a birch canoe
Chetowaik', the plover
Chibia'bos, a musician; friend of Hiawatha; ruler of the Land of Spirits
Dahin'da, the bull frog
Dush-kwo-ne'-she or Kwo-ne'-she, the dragon fly
Esa, shame upon you
Ewa-yea', lullaby
Gitche Gu'mee, The Big-Sea-Water, Lake Superior
Gitche Man'ito, the Great Spirit, the Master of Life
Gushkewau', the darkness
Hiawa'tha, the Prophet. the Teacher, son of Mudjekeewis, the West-Wind and Wenonah, daughter of Nokomis
Ia'goo, a great boaster and story-teller
Inin'ewug, men, or pawns in the Game of the Bowl
Ishkoodah', fire, a comet
Jee'bi, a ghost, a spirit
Joss'akeed, a prophet
Kabibonok'ka, the North-Wind
Ka'go, do not
Kahgahgee', the raven
Kaw, no
Kaween', no indeed
Kayoshk', the sea-gull
Kee'go, a fish
Keeway'din, the Northwest wind, the Home-wind
Kena'beek, a serpent
Keneu', the great war-eagle
Keno'zha, the pickerel
Ko'ko-ko'ho, the owl
Kuntasoo', the Game of Plumstones
Kwa'sind, the Strong Man
Kwo-ne'-she, or Dush-kwo-ne'-she, the dragon-fly
Mahnahbe'zee, the swan
Mahng, the loon
Mahnomo'nee, wild rice
Ma'ma, the woodpecker
Me'da, a medicine-man
Meenah'ga, the blueberry
Megissog'won, the great Pearl-Feather, a magician, and the Manito of Wealth
Meshinau'wa, a pipe-bearer
Minjekah'wun, Hiawatha's mittens
Minneha'ha, Laughing Water; wife of Hiawatha; a water-fall in a stream running into the Mississippi between Fort Snelling and the Falls of St. Anthony
Minne-wa'wa, a pleasant sound, as of the wind in the trees
Mishe-Mo'kwa, the Great Bear
Mishe-Nah'ma, the Great Sturgeon
Miskodeed', the Spring-Beauty, the Claytonia Virginica
Monda'min, Indian corn
Moon of Bright Nights, April
Moon of Leaves, May
Moon of Strawberries, June
Moon of the Falling Leaves, September
Moon of Snow-shoes, November
Mudjekee'wis, the West-Wind; father of Hiawatha
Mudway-aush'ka, sound of waves on a shore
Mushkoda'sa, the grouse
Nah'ma, the sturgeon
Nah'ma-wusk, spearmint
Na'gow Wudj'oo, the Sand Dunes of Lake Superior
Nee-ba-naw'-baigs, water-spirits
Nenemoo'sha, sweetheart
Nepah'win, sleep
Noko'mis, a grandmother, mother of Wenonah
No'sa, my father
Nush'ka, look! look!
Odah'min, the strawberry
Okahha'wis, the fresh-water herring
Ome'mee, the pigeon
Ona'gon, a bowl
Opechee', the robin
Osse'o, Son of the Evening Star
Owais'sa, the blue-bird
Oweenee', wife of Osseo
Ozawa'beek, a round piece of brass or copper in the Game of the Bowl
Pah-puk-kee'na, the grasshopper
Pau'guk, death
Pau-Puk-Kee'wis, the handsome Yenadizze, the son of Storm Fool
Pe'boan, Winter
Pem'ican, meat of the deer or buffalo dried and pounded
Pezhekee', the bison
Pishnekuh', the brant
Pone'mah, hereafter
Puggawau'gun, a war-club
Puk-Wudj'ies, little wild men of the woods; pygmies
Sah-sah-je'wun, rapids
Segwun', Spring
Sha'da, the pelican
Shahbo'min, the gooseberry
Shah-shah, long ago
Shaugoda'ya, a coward
Shawgashee', the craw-fish
Shawonda'see, the South-Wind
Shaw-shaw, the swallow
Shesh'ebwug, ducks; pieces in the Game of the Bowl
Shin'gebis, the diver, or grebe
Showain'neme'shin, pity me
Shuh-shuh-gah', the blue heron
Soan-ge-ta'ha, strong-hearted
Subbeka'she, the spider
Sugge'me, the mosquito
To'tem, family coat-of-arms
Ugh, yes
Ugudwash', the sun-fish
Unktahee', the God of Water
Wabas'so, the rabbit, the North
Wabe'no, a magician, a juggler
Wabe'no-wusk, yarrow
Wa'bun, the East-Wind
Wa'bun An'nung, the Star of the East, the Morning Star
Wahono'win, a cry of lamentation
Wah-wah-tay'see, the fire-fly
Waubewy'on, a white skin wrapper
Wa'wa, the wild goose
Waw-be-wa'wa, the white goose
Wawonais'sa, the whippoorwill
Way-muk-kwa'na, the caterpillar
Weno'nah, the eldest daughter; Hiawatha's mother, daughter of Nokomis
Yenadiz'ze, an idler and gambler; an Indian dandy

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