George Peele

Fair and Fair

Oenone. FAIR and fair, and twice so fair,
    As fair as any may be;
The fairest shepherd on our green,
    A love for any lady.
Paris. Fair and fair, and twice so fair,
    As fair as any may be;
Thy love is fair for thee alone
    And for no other lady.
Oenone. My love is fair, my love is gay,
As fresh as bin the flowers in May
And of my love my roundelay,
My merry, merry, merry roundelay,
    Concludes with Cupid's curse,—
'They that do change old love for new
    Pray gods they change for worse!'
Ambo Simul. They that do change old love for new,
    Pray gods they change for worse!

Oenone. Fair and fair, etc.
Paris. Fair and fair, etc.
Thy love is fair, etc.
Oenone. My love can pipe, my love can sing,
My love can many a pretty thing,
And of his lovely praises ring
My merry, merry, merry roundelays
    Amen to Cupid's curse,—
'They that do change,' etc.
Paris. They that do change, etc.
Ambo. Fair and fair, etc.

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