Stephen Hawes c.1474-1523

Stephen Hawes was born around 1474, probably in Suffolk where the surname was then common. He was educated at Oxford University and thereafter travelled in England, Scotland and France. He became a member of the court of King Henry VIII on account of his poetic credentials and served as the King’s Groom of the Chamber. He was a great admirer of the work of the poet/monk John Lydgate whose poetry, it is said, he could recite verbatim.

His major work is the long allegorical poem, The Passetyme of Pleasure (1508), a description of the knight Graunde Amour’s education and journey through life. His poetry sought to revive earlier mediaeval romances which he much admired. His other works include The Conversyon of Swerers (1509) and A Joyful Modytenon To All Englande (1509), a poem celebrating the coronation of Henry VIII.

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